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The Nonprofit Director

You want your supporters to understand how their contributions are making an impact. Storytelling on social media or through long newsletters is time-consuming and often falls short of connecting with donors. Generating excitement with your supporters about the progress and impact that their donations have made should be quick and easy.

KindKatch’s personalized video messaging tool helps you quickly increase engagement with donors and supporters, track progress over time, and get valuable insights on your outreach’s effectiveness.

Use Cases

Pre-Event, During-Event, and Post-Event Engagement
Elevate your event experience from start to finish with engaging video messaging. By incorporating pre-event videos, you can set the tone for a successful and impactful gathering. During the event, keep your attendees connected and engaged with dynamic video content. And don’t forget to follow up with post-event clips that generate positive vibes and express your gratitude for their participation. With video messaging every step of the way, you’ll keep your guests excited and informed while making it easy for them to share their own photos and videos.

First-Time Donor Welcome Journeys
Welcome your first time donors in a special way with KindKatch. Show them how much their donation means to you with a heartfelt video message and a brief note reminding them why they chose to support your cause. This thoughtful gesture will not only strengthen your relationship with them but also show how much their contribution is appreciated.

Donor Milestones Such as Birthdays and Lifetime Giving Marks
Celebrate your donors! You can recognize their important milestones, such as birthdays and lifetime giving marks, with a special video message. Give your contributors the recognition they deserve! Put together a personalized message to show them how much their donations mean to you – and how grateful you are for their loyalty and support. An individualized video is an excellent way to express how much you truly value their impact on the success of your organization.

Lapsed Donor Win-Back Campaigns
Don’t miss out on gifts from your loyal donors! Revive their interest with lapsed donor win-back campaigns and personalized video messages. Use the power of communication to strengthen your relationships and make a bigger impact on your community.

Board and Volunteer Engagement
Build strong connections with your board members and volunteers through personalized video messages, no matter the distance or time difference. Take a moment to acknowledge their hard work and dedication by creating a customized video greeting – Show them that you value their involvement and appreciate their contributions! Stay connected and let them know you care with a thoughtful personal message.

Scale Content Collection
Empower your nonprofit storytelling with streamlined content collection tools. Easily capture stories through every avenue and create powerful pieces that inspire greater impact. Leverage the tools to assemble meaningful visuals quickly and distribute content confidently on our amazing platform. Elevate your nonprofit storytelling with an efficient content creation process.

Increase engagement and loyalty with tailored video messages and campaigns.

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