What IS and ISN’T Personalization?

What is personalization?  Personalization is the action of designing or producing something to meet someone's individual requirements. What if Amazon, Netflix, or Uber were nonprofits that relied on fundraising to function?  These are brands that consistently deliver us a personalized experience, and for better or for worse, it keeps them relevant in an increasingly crowded world that grows in competition daily (Google).   Personalization, once limited to these globally-notable brands like Amazon and Netflix, has become...
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A letter from KindKatch Founder and CEO Nicholas Kristock

Every day, we live in two worlds, one physical one and one digital. Because of technology, these two worlds blend seamlessly from experience to experience- a coffee meeting in person in the morning, a zoom call in the afternoon. We say we had “two meetings” today and move on with conversation- the physical and digital worlds merging together. 2020 and 2021 transformed consumer and donor behavior as organizations were forced to reconsider their engagement strategies....
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Giving Tuesday Now What?

Are you finding yourself saying, “Yay! We executed a Giving Tuesday campaign, and our supporters loved it! Now what?” Or maybe you are thinking, “Shoot, I didn’t do anything for Giving Tuesday and now I have my Year-End Appeal, now what?”  Whether you executed a Giving Tuesday campaign or not, the period between Giving Tuesday and the end of the year is awkward and confusing.  For some, we have made a huge push to our...
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5 Strategies to Build Excitement for Your Fundraising Events

Your team spends hours planning your fundraising events with great care and attention to detail. The work you do is important to you, and that’s why it’s so disappointing when your supporters aren’t as excited about your events as you are.  In order to create excitement leading up to your fundraising event, it’s crucial to implement some tried-and-true strategies to engage your supporters and boost involvement. Your team will have to get to know your...
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How KindKatch Propelled A National Conference’s Registrations with Personalized Engagement

Results Campaigns: 10 Days: 30 KindKatches Shared: 15,268 Registrations Influenced: 142%+ KindKatch In Action Raise 2021 sponsored by OneCause was preparing to launch its 5th annual fundraising conference. The team engaged KindKatch to help drive registrations. They created a Raise campaign that featured personalized videos from conference speakers and industry leaders. They directly texted segments of the Raise audience based on job title. Each targeted message included content and fundraising tips. Four weeks of sharing...
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Donor Engagement: 4 Tips for Boosting Involvement

Donor engagement is the beating heart of any fundraising-centered organization. After all, successfully engaging your donors is what will make the difference between a one-time donation and a long-lasting relationship with a donor.  Unfortunately, the pandemic hasn’t made engaging donors any easier. Not only has it restricted in-person engagements, but it’s also accelerated the rise of new digital engagement strategies, like hybrid and virtual events, that have left many fundraising professionals with their heads spinning....
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