How It Works

Capture the Impact

Jamie works for an organization that provides meals to the impoverished. While giving out meals, Jamie uses the KindKatch mobile app to capture impactful moments - a simple video showing the food given out or a message from the recipients saying thank you directly to Chloe, a supporter.

Share the Story

Jamie uses KindKatch to easily search for and select the group of supporters that donated the meals. In this case, it is one supporter named Chloe. Chloe is sent a branded message via text message or email inviting her to experience the impactful moment she helped create.

See the Response

Chloe clicks play on the video and watches the impact she made possible. She feels personally connected to the cause because she saw her impact in action, and she decides to support again. KindKatch will show Jamie's organization that Chloe watched his message and clicked donate to give again.

KindKatch Mobile App

We were too.

We experienced a major problem while working in the nonprofit world: donor engagement and retention. Donors didn't feel connected enough to our cause to give again.

We believe the solution is better storytelling. KindKatch empowers organizations to share their stories at scale with the supporters that made the impact possible.

  • Frictionless way to tell your stories through media
  • Easily share impactful moments directly with supporters
  • No more uploading videos and emailing out links to webpages
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