KindKatch + MindBody Integration

We’re excited to announce that the KindKatch event-based API now integrates seamlessly with MindBody CRM. This powerful integration allows fitness and wellness businesses to create and automate personalized messages based on various events and attributes in their CRM, such as class registrations, birthdays, and member status.

In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 strategies that our valued clients have successfully implemented to enhance customer retention rates and drive significant business growth using our dynamic video messaging platform in conjunction with MindBody.

1. The KindKatch + MindBody integration allows users to commemorate milestones with an automated video message.

The MindBody + KindKatch integration is an incredible feature that enables automated video messages to be sent out to members when they reach significant milestones, like completing their 10th class or celebrating anniversaries. These personalized videos serve as a special way to acknowledge and celebrate members’ progress, loyalty, and achievements. Utilizing KindKatch, fitness and wellness businesses not only save time but also provide thoughtful gestures that make their members feel deeply valued and appreciated. With the added touch of video messages, MindBody customers can take member engagement to a whole new level, creating meaningful connections with their community.

2. The KindKatch + MindBody integration can be used to celebrate members’ birthdays.

KindKatch’s event-based API has officially introduced convenience and automation with unbelievably personalized results. With KindKatch and MindBody, fitness and wellness establishments can automatically send tailored video messages to their members on birthdays. This feature enhances member engagement and adds a delightful touch to the members’ overall experience with their brand.

3. The KindKatch + MindBody integration helps fitness and wellness businesses welcome new members.

KindKatch’s integration with MindBody enables fitness and wellness businesses to send a personalized automated video message that warmly welcomes each new member as they join. This thoughtful feature saves businesses time and effort and allows them to establish a genuine connection with their new members. It’s just one of the many ways that KindKatch supports MindBody customers in enhancing customer service and fostering business growth.

4. The KindKatch + MindBody integration provides a personalized way to reconnect with a member who re-joins after canceling their membership.

Fitness and wellness businesses take advantage of the KindKatch + MindBody integration by using automated welcome-back videos to boost member engagement. These videos offer returning members a personalized and captivating experience, providing a friendly face and valuable information. When KindKatch and MindBody are combined, businesses can effortlessly connect with returning members, making a lasting impact and fostering a supportive community for fitness enthusiasts and wellness seekers.

5. The KindKatch + MindBody integration can send an automated welcome back video message when a member unfreezes their membership.

When a member decides to unfreeze their account, it presents a wonderful opportunity to connect with them, express appreciation for their loyalty, and offer valuable information on how to resume their fitness or wellness journey smoothly. Fitness and wellness organizations utilizing MindBody can use KindKatch to automatically send a personalized video to members upon account reactivation. This thoughtful gesture fosters deeper customer relationships and simplifies administrative tasks by eliminating manual communication. It also ensures a warm welcome back and a seamless return to their fitness or wellness routine.

6. The KindKatch + MindBody integration allows businesses to send targeted video messages to someone who attended their first class but did not join as a member.

Many businesses are discovering the value of KindKatch’s integration with MindBody to solve a common challenge – reaching out to missed guests or potential members who attended their first class but haven’t become regulars yet. Through this new integration, businesses now have the ability to send personalized video messages that help establish a genuine connection with customers, increasing the probability of their return. This innovative approach saves time and fosters stronger engagement and loyalty from customers.

7. The KindKatch + MindBody integration can be configured to automatically reach out to members at risk of canceling.

The fitness and wellness industry is evolving and embracing digital platforms to enhance member engagement and commitment to their fitness and wellness journey. The KindKatch + MindBody integration enables fitness and wellness businesses to send personalized video messages to at-risk members. By delivering these videos directly to a member’s inbox or cell phone, businesses can forge stronger relationships and decrease member churn rates. Whether it’s a virtual tour of the facility, a motivational message from a team member, or a gentle reminder about the benefits of regular exercise, KindKatch is a compelling tool for inspiring and keeping members on their health and wellness path.

8. Fitness and wellness businesses can leverage the KindKatch + MindBody integration to encourage members to upgrade.

Running a successful business involves keeping members engaged and happy. That’s why many business owners are leveraging the KindKatch + MindBody integration. It allows them to send automated video messages that motivate members to upgrade their memberships. This integration also has the benefit of customizing messages based on the duration of a member’s relationship with the business. This ensures that new members are not bombarded with irrelevant upgrade offers. By embracing this innovative feature, fitness and wellness businesses can boost revenue while prioritizing the satisfaction of their loyal members.

9. The KindKatch + MindBody integration automates following up with leads who have not booked a class or service.

Fitness and wellness businesses are finding creative ways to utilize the KindKatch + MindBody integration. One effective method is sending video messages to engage potential leads and introduce them to the numerous benefits of a business’s classes or services. By harnessing the power of automation, business owners have the opportunity to make a lasting impression that showcases their unique offerings. From a warm welcome message from the owner to a virtual tour of the facilities, KindKatch enables businesses to connect with leads and inspire them to take the initial stride toward achieving their health and wellness goals.

10. Fitness and wellness businesses use the KindKatch + MindBody integration to send video messages before a person’s first class or service.

Fitness and wellness businesses that utilize MindBody CRM have the opportunity to enhance their clients’ experiences through the use of KindKatch. With KindKatch, businesses can automate sending personalized video messages to clients before their first class or service. This thoughtful touch helps clients feel welcomed and supported as they see a friendly face and receive valuable tips on what to expect during their first visit. By incorporating this feature into their operations, fitness and wellness businesses can provide an added layer of customer service that distinguishes them from competitors, fostering stronger connections with their clients.


The KindKatch event-based API allows users to connect to multiple CRMs, including MindBody, and trigger the delivery of personalized messages based on various events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones. This capability allows fitness and wellness businesses to effortlessly keep in touch with their members in a highly personalized manner. By leveraging these customized communication touch-points, organizations can foster stronger relationships -with their members. KindKatch presents an exceptional opportunity for fitness and wellness businesses to enhance member engagement. If you’re interested in learning more about the KindKatch + MindBody integration and how it can help your business thrive, we invite you to schedule a demo today.

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