How KindKatch Helped a Campaign Close Its Funding Goal in Six Hours

Results: Campaigns: 1 Hours: 6 KindKatches Shared: 4,114 Click-Through Rate: 36% Conversion Rate: 11% Dollars Raised: $6,000+ KindKatch In Action The Crunch Bowl had a database of 4,000+ contacts that were imported into their KindKatch account. Ethan Zohn, Crunch Bowl inventor, recorded a personalized video sharing the Crunch Bowl story and asking his network to support the campaign. KindKatch outperformed the fundraising traffic and conversions from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter COMBINED! Despite Crunch Bowl having...
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How Am I Doing?

Nonprofit Tech for Good references an  M+R study stating that Nonprofits experience about one percent conversion of site traffic to donations. Therefore, to increase donor revenue in an online environment, two very important things need to happen: 1) Driving a high level of traffic to your website.  2) Maximizing the conversion of that traffic by ensuring it's 'highly engaged traffic.'... "Go beyond your standard email with the same message to everyone – it needs to...
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Why Pay When You Can Edit for Free-The Six (‘Seven’) Best Video Editing Applications

The good people at techradar recently released a list of the best video editing software on the market.  Even better they listed the five best free applications, and we are adding a 6th and 7th! Here they are: iMovie Lightworks HitFilm Express ShotCut MovieMaker Online VSDC Video Editor Ssemble I know there are seven, but we just love iMovie here at KindKatch and use it all the time, so we wanted to include it. We also...
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Building the Bridge: Update Your Supporters Regularly

In a world of “give and take,” it is often that we “take” from supporters without doing enough “giving” to them in return.  Donors who have supported your campaign have given you something- a financial gift, a vote of confidence, and an open door to a relationship. Too often, the standard experience for a donor is:  Hear about campaign needMake a giftReceive automated thank-youNot hear from organization again until next year’s campaign needRepeat You owe...
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Make It Personal: First Time Donor Retention

When it comes to donor retention, the numbers don’t lie. Non-Profit Organizations are struggling to keep barely one out of every five donors after their first gift. Check out this great article from Jay Love, CEO at Bloomerang, titled What’s The Impact of Improving 1st-Time Donor Retention? Jay says,  “...if your fundraising team can just apply a few basic principles, the 19% retention level can be improved immensely. My personal three favorite principles are: Ensure...
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The Secret Sauce to Storytelling?

In a world where “storytelling” has become a buzzword, we are always looking for ways to make our stories stand out in the crowd. While there are many ways to make a story stand out, one tactic in particular seems to have above average success: the Identifiable Victim Effect.  What is the Identifiable Victim Effect? The identifiable victim effect describes the likelihood that we feel greater empathy, and an urge to help, in situations where...
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