Independent Schools

Schools struggle to engage and grow their community. Personalized video is the answer, but it needs to be easy and it needs to be scalable. 

What is KindKatch?

  • A mobile content capture and distribution tool 
  • It makes collecting and sharing of video content easy 
  • It gets the content to the people who need to see it


KindKatch’s mobile app makes it easy to capture video OR upload it from a camera roll into your media locker. Content that you aren’t currently capturing can now be collected and categorized in one place.


Video content can be shared from the KindKatch mobile app or desktop portal in seconds. It’s as simple as selecting the video, choosing your audience, and sharing.


People connect with stories and experiences. Your audience receives content shared via text or email and feels a direct connection. As people become engaged with your work, their heart fills up and they become “sticky” to your cause. 

Interested? We Were Too.

Born from the nonprofit world, KindKatch was built to solve the problem of supporter engagement. People connect to stories and experiences. In today’s world of content marketing, we often have all of the stories and content we need happening right under our nose, we just need the right solution to collect and share those stories through video quickly and easily.

KindKatch is the mobile content capture and distribution tool you have been waiting for.  Finally, make collecting and sharing of video content easy for you and engaging for recipients. 

  • Built to Grow: Grow your impact through personalized video engagement
  • Priced Right: Subscription options for organizations big and small
  • Easily Capture and Share: Connect with your audience and make them “sticky” to your cause

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