How to Use Video to Elevate Your Event Experience

How do we make our event experience one that your attendees will never forget? Sending personalized video content is key, and here’s the playbook for videos we recommend. 

There are seven main interaction points that you will have with your event prospects and attendees, and at each of these interaction points, you have an opportunity to surprise and delight. 

Now while seven may seem like a lot or too big of a lift for you, I will call out the four main ones I think are critical and must-do’s. 

  1. Driving Registrations

Optional: Use video to encourage folks who attended your event last year to register for this year’s event. 

  1. Registration Confirmation/Thank You

Must Do: Send a thank-you video immediately or same-day as someone registers. 

  1. Day Before Event “Know Before You Go” Video

Must Do: People have hundreds of questions before an event- protocols, dress code, etc. You have a great opportunity to alleviate some unnecessary anxieties AND serve as a great reminder for your event to buck attrition between signup and attendance. 

Here is an example of a “Know Before You Go” video for a golf outing.

  1. Morning Of Event

Must Do: Simple things like where to park, where to check-in, who to be looking for, etc…you can start someone’s day off RIGHT with a morning-of video that can build some pre-event excitement.

Here is an example of a “Morning Of” video for a golf outing.

  1. Mid-Event Video

Optional: Send a mid-event update with spontaneous wins, real-time news, or other engaging comments! Also works great to sell this video slot as a sponsor option.

 Here is an example of a “Mid-Event” video for a golf outing.

  1. “Ride Home” Thank You Video

Must Do: Send a “thank you” video to attendees that is in their text/email inbox before they even get home from the event!

  1. 30 days Post-Event Reminder/Recap

This one is key to staying top of mind. Share a final event recap, attendee count, impact created, outcomes, etc!

Here is an example of a post-event thank you video for a golf outing!

Repeat the process when you are about 90 days out from next year’s event!

For detailed scripts for these videos, reach out to with subject line “Event Playbook Scripts.” 

Good luck with your upcoming event!

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