How KindKatch Drove a 53x ROI for a Boutique Fitness Studio in 30 days


Days: 30

Audience Members Engaged: 549

Engagement/Click-Through Rate: 83%

Short-term ROI: 3x their monthly investment

Long-Term ROI: $10,000+ 

KindKatch In Action

Boutique fitness studios, after two tough years, need to work harder than ever to engage, retain and grow their membership base. Orangetheory Fitness Lake Orion was looking for a way to stand out and stay ahead in the competitive group fitness market. Enter KindKatch. OrangeTheory Fitness Lake Orion drove significant ROI, member retention, and member growth in just 30 days utilizing KindKatch. 

“KindKatch has tremendously helped us with member retention, while also building relationships with members outside of the studio to help celebrate their milestones and life events with ease!”

Stacy Dreisig, OTF LO Studio Manager 

Use Cases

Low Utilization Communication: OTF Lake Orion considers someone who hasn’t been in the studio in 30 days to fall into the “low utilization” category and is the most likely to cancel in the next 60 days. In a campaign video encouraging these members to book back into class, OTF LO had a 86% click-through rate and engaged 43 out of the 50 members in this segment. Additionally, a member who re-booked for class brought her son into the studio and signed him up for a membership, saying how motivated she was to train with a coach again. 

Dormant Member Communications: OTF LO also used KindKatch to engage Dormant members or members who froze their accounts during the pandemic but had not reactivated. They had a couple who, despite calls, emails, and texts, had not responded in 9 months. One KindKatch video message inspired them to come back into the studio and reinstate their recurring memberships.

Transformation Challenge Messaging: With the deadline for entering the Transformation Challenge approaching, and a decreased amount of responses using email and text, the team sent out a KindKatch video message encouraging members to join the challenge for $35. They immediately converted 10 signups, driving $350 in revenue. 

Final Overview

One-fourth of gym members cancel because of non-use. However, just two personal touchpoints a month can drive utilization and decrease cancellations by 33%. 

A small increase in retention means big bucks for a studio, as just a small 5% increase in member retention can increase profits by 25% or more. Boutique fitness studios need to be creative and stay ahead when it comes to engaging their members and prospects, and KindKatch is the needed video communication tool that empowers a fitness studio and it’s instructors to create personal touchpoints with their members at scale. 

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