How KindKatch Helped Generate a Successful Day of Giving


Campaigns: 16

Audience Engaged: 6,112

Viewership Conversion Rate: 17.5%

Dollars Raised: $6,600+

KindKatch In Action

For the Oakland University Athletic Department’s Day of Giving annual fundraising initiative, they executed a multi-campaign strategy that included coaches sharing personalized videos to alumni and past donors as well as the athletic director sharing a personalized video to their audience. KindKatch helped Oakland University Athletics triple their past click-through rates and convert almost 20% of video viewers to donors, amounting to $6,600+ additional dollars in one day. 

Megan Skelly, Fundraising & Development for the Oakland University Athletics Development Office, had this to say about KindKatch:

KindKatch allowed us to create personalized connections and organic excitement for our annual day of giving. It launched us far beyond our fundraising goal, raising a record-setting amount of funds. “

Campaign Details

Oakland University Athletics sent out a total of 16 campaigns. Their first fourteen campaigns were sent a week before the Day of Giving and were targeted to 14 individual sports on the men’s and women’s side, with a personalized video coming from the sport’s coach directly to that sport’s alumni. 

These 14 campaigns achieved an astounding 25% click-through rate, with some sports seeing as high as a 42% click-through rate, meaning almost half of their audiences watched the content shared and further proving that targeted content really does drive engagement to a whole new level. 

The final two campaigns were sent the night before Day of Giving and the afternoon of the Day of Giving. The night before was a video from the Athletic Director sent to the entire audience, and the “afternoon of” video was a professionally edited video highlighting the funding needs and vision for the Athletic Department. These final two campaigns averaged a remarkable 39% viewership conversion rate, and almost half of the people that watched the content converted to a donation. This resulted in $6,600+ raised, a 13x ROI on the platform. 

Final Overview

The Day of Giving was incredibly successful for Oakland University Athletics in a year where their overall dollars increased and outpaced all other departments on campus. Across 16 campaigns, KindKatch was able to triple the click-through rate the department has previously seen from email fundraising, and their most important share, their final campaign, was their most successful from a fundraising standpoint. The Athletic Department also increased in the number of donors and number of gifts, and they credit the increase to their omnichannel approach that now included personalized videos delivered via text message. 

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