How KindKatch Helped a Campaign Close Its Funding Goal in Six Hours


Campaigns: 1

Hours: 6

KindKatches Shared: 4,114

Click-Through Rate: 36%

Conversion Rate: 11%

Dollars Raised: $6,000+

KindKatch In Action

The Crunch Bowl had a database of 4,000+ contacts that were imported into their KindKatch account. Ethan Zohn, Crunch Bowl inventor, recorded a personalized video sharing the Crunch Bowl story and asking his network to support the campaign.

KindKatch outperformed the fundraising traffic and conversions from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter COMBINED! Despite Crunch Bowl having an overall social following of 185,000 followers, they raised $4,084 from social posting. Within 6 hours of sharing their KindKatch via text, the KickStarter had raised an additional $6,000+ and hit its funding goal of $18,000.

Ethan Zohn, Co-Founder of Grassroot Soccer, Winner of Survivor Africa, and Inventor of The Crunch Bowl, had this to say about KindKatch. 

“KindKatch is an absolute game-changer for a fundraising campaign. It propelled us to our funding goal within hours through personalized video to our audience.”


Average reach on standard social media hovers around 5%, meaning only 5 out of every 100 in Crunch Bowl’s network were seeing their story and calls to action when they were pushing their campaign on social media.

After surging to $12,000 in the first 50 days of the campaign, The Crunch Bowl had 10 days left, and funding had stalled. They needed a way to get their story and call to action in front of lots of eyes that could see it and take action to support it.

Final Overview

The Crunch Bowl is a bowl with a mission to end soggy cereal. For every Crunch Bowl sold, a meal is donated to a family in need through an organization called Invisible Hands We Deliver. Needing funding to bring their prototype to production, they turned to a KickStarter campaign.

Like many KickStarter campaigns, saw early success followed by a drop-off in momentum. KindKatch worked with The Crunch Bowl to engage their own database and audience with personal video messages and ultimately propel the campaign to its funding goal and beyond by sending a personalized message through KindKatch.

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