Why Pay When You Can Edit for Free-The Six (‘Seven’) Best Video Editing Applications

The good people at techradar recently released a list of the best video editing software on the market.  Even better they listed the five best free applications, and we are adding a 6th and 7th!

Here they are:

  1. iMovie
  2. Lightworks
  3. HitFilm Express
  4. ShotCut
  5. MovieMaker Online
  6. VSDC Video Editor
  7. Ssemble

I know there are seven, but we just love iMovie here at KindKatch and use it all the time, so we wanted to include it. We also heard about another cool company called Ssemble, so they made the list as well!

Regardless of whether you are paying for it or not, there are some things techradar believes you want to think about when selecting a video editing software suite.

“What kind of video do you intend to make, and where is it for?”

 KindKatch is all about capturing moments and sharing stories quickly, so don’t get bogged down with all the extra bells and whistles all the time. Sometimes the best stories are the one that are the most raw.

“There’s also you to consider. Are you experienced, or would a simpler app that takes you step by step through the whole process be more helpful? Do you want to have complete control over every pixel, or would you rather let the computer do most of the work? How future-proof do you need your app to be?”

It’s important to adopt a program that works for you and your team.  Again there is no need to overcomplicate the process.  The important part is the story and you do not want to distract from it. Evaluate what you and your team can do and pick the most appropriate app.

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