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OTF + KindKatch Drives Retention with a 51% Low-Usage Rebooking Rate

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  • 51% Low-Utilization Rebook Rate
  • 527 personal touchpoints created
  • 6 studio locations
  • 72% engagement/video view rate
  • 100% ROI in first 30 days

KindKatch In Action

A midwest firm, owning a portfolio of 50+ OTF studios across five national markets, onboarded KindKatch to the studios in their Utah market to drive engagement and retention. They specifically targeted converting intro’s to members, bringing disengaged members back into the studio, and celebrating member milestones.

Product Testimony

“KindKatch has tremendously helped us with member retention and low-usage rebooking while also building relationships with members around key milestones and celebrations.” 

– Heather, Head of Marketing, L5 Fitness

Campaign Details and Key Results Cases

51%  Low Utilization Rebook

“Low-use” implies a member hasn’t been in class within a certain timeframe. The team used KindKatch to use video at targeted points in the member journey to reach out to low-use members at day 10 and day 35 of no class booking, resulting in a 51% rebooking rate for their low-utilization members.

100% ROI In the First Month

For $119/month per studio, this region drove immediate ROI in the first month by bringing 81 members who were “at-risk” back into the studio for class. The team spent approximately five hours per week utilizing KindKatch.

72% Studio Engagement

The overall engagement rate of their video was incredibly high at 72%, translating to new member signups, at-risk members brought back into the studio, churn reduction, positive customer reviews, and increased overall utilization and bookings. 

527 Personal Interactions

OTF Staff spent approximately 10 hours total in 45 days sharing 804 messages and creating 527 personalized interactions with members.

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