ForeverReadyLLC Announces Partnership with KindKatch

What is KindKatch? KindKatch is a content-driven conversational marketing platform helping brands capture audience attention and drive more conversions through collecting and sharing personalized video.  What is ForeverReadyLLC? We make videos you’re proud to share! That’s our guarantee. Our team works together to tell mission-driven stories for nonprofits and businesses, so that you can realize and harness your collective purpose and impact. Our knowledge and experience makes engaging, compelling videos accessible. How We Work Together...
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Setting Yourself Up for Fundraising Success in 2023

By: John Killoran In recent years, many nonprofit organizations have moved their fundraising strategies online in creative, exciting ways. It’s important to take these lessons from the past few years and use it to your fundraising advantage going forward. Using insights from the most effective online and hybrid campaigns, you can develop actionable strategies for this year. There’s no doubt that online fundraising is here to stay. Here are some key ways you can set...
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How to Connect with Major Donors: 5 Tips for Nonprofits

By: Kelly Velasquez-Hague Major donors are pivotal to your organization’s fundraising strategy. In fact, one study found that 80% of donations come from the top 20% of donors. Major gifts establish a reliable donation pipeline that your organization can access at any time to power its critical services, programs, and fundraising events.  To acquire and retain major donors, nonprofits need to nurture these relationships over time  and demonstrate the value in supporting your cause. After...
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WEBINAR: Deeply Thankful: How to Make Your Supporters Feel Appreciated After The Donation Catch this webinar with our founder, Nicholas Kristock, as he talks about engagement in the role of donor appreciation. This webinar was hosted and sponsored by Nexus Marketing and NXUnite. NXUnite connects leaders in the mission-driven space with the resources and people they need for their organization to thrive. From hosting panels with industry experts to providing curated listings of nonprofit learning opportunities, NXUnite helps organizations get their important questions answered. Gain insight, share...
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3 Tips to Engage Families in Your Org’s Fundraising Efforts

By: Debbie Salat When it comes to creating a strong base of support for your nonprofit, one of the best strategies you have at your disposal is to not just engage individuals in your mission, but families. After all, by engaging a donors’ entire family in your fundraising efforts, you’re bringing in far more support than that single donor could offer.  On top of that, you have the opportunity inspire children with your mission as...
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How to Use Video to Elevate Your Event Experience How do we make our event experience one that your attendees will never forget? Sending personalized video content is key, and here’s the playbook for videos we recommend.  There are seven main interaction points that you will have with your event prospects and attendees, and at each of these interaction points, you have an opportunity to surprise and delight.  Now while seven may seem like a lot or too big of a lift for...
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