5 Impactful Strategies for Online Donor Engagement

Nowadays, almost anything can be done online. From spending quality time with loved ones to making global purchases, people have the power to connect and pursue their interests with nothing more than a digital screen in front of them. For your nonprofit, this means increased opportunities to engage donors and strengthen your relationships. According to DataReportal’s Digital 2023 Global Overview Report, 5.16 billion people, or 64.4% of the world’s total population, are internet users. Chances...
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Increase Member Retention & Conversions with Personalized Video Messaging

In the health and wellness industry, one of the biggest struggles can occur around member retention and conversions. Losing new members after their first class can be frustrating, and formerly “on fire” members skipping class and eventually canceling can get us down, but there are ways to prevent this from happening. Personalized video messaging is a new method for health and wellness studio owners to maintain the interest of current members and motivate potential new...
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7 Tips for Engaging Donors with Your Giving Page

Your nonprofit’s donation page is a powerful tool. However, it needs to be well-designed and accessible to encourage donors to give. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on essential funds that could be used to advance your nonprofit’s mission.  An effective donation page can help your organization attract new supporters and establish a reliable revenue stream through recurring gifts. In addition, a well-designed giving page can help donors feel more connected to your mission, making them feel...
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KindKatch Drives $155k in Fundraising and 47% Gift Increase for Annual Day of Giving

View the full case study here! Results 5,345 touchpoints created 12 Hours $155,000 Dollars Raised 393 Unique Gifts +127 Gift Increase YoY KindKatch In Action Oakland University Athletics was executing an internal Day of Giving with their audience of athletic alumni and donors. With 19 different varsity sports in their program, they knew each audience segment deserved personalized outreach, and there is no better engaging experience than athletic alumni or donors hearing from the coach...
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OTF + KindKatch Drives Retention with a 51% Low-Usage Rebooking Rate

View the full case study here! Results 51% Low-Utilization Rebook Rate 527 personal touchpoints created 6 studio locations 72% engagement/video view rate 100% ROI in first 30 days KindKatch In Action A midwest firm, owning a portfolio of 50+ OTF studios across five national markets, onboarded KindKatch to the studios in their Utah market to drive engagement and retention. They specifically targeted converting intro's to members, bringing disengaged members back into the studio, and celebrating...
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Evaluating Your Multi-Channel Fundraising Campaign: 3 Keys

Your metrics lets you know whether your marketing campaigns are living up to their potential. Start evaluating your fundraising with these key metrics.
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