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Nonprofit Tech for Good references an  M+R study stating that Nonprofits experience about one percent conversion of site traffic to donations.

Therefore, to increase donor revenue in an online environment, two very important things need to happen:

1) Driving a high level of traffic to your website. 

2) Maximizing the conversion of that traffic by ensuring it’s ‘highly engaged traffic.’… “Go beyond your standard email with the same message to everyone – it needs to include personalized impact stories, relevant donation asks and consistent communication through all channels that keeps the donor excited about joining your mission. We need to maximize the conversion of that traffic by maintaining a consistent high level of engagement.” 

Engagement can drive retention of your audience. That retention can drive revenue as those audience members stay around for longer and give in higher amounts over time. This revenue ultimately drives our continued impact. If the name of the game is to drive engaged traffic to your website, and the solution to this is personalized content, then we need to implement a tool that can help us do this without creating a massive lift. 

KindKatch gives you the ability to consistently bring targeted segments of your audience to whatever webpage you want to drive them to by delivering personalized content. The content is delivered on landing pages that have customized CTA buttons, driving an audience member to whatever webpage you want. Engaged traffic is far more likely to get involved and stay involved, and the need is more urgent than ever before to engage our audience. 

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